LUNA, the maker of Whole Nutrition Bars for Women®, has always strived to stay at the forefront of women's nutrition by providing programs and products that suit women's needs. The Power of Snacking: The Next Decade of Women's Changing Nutrition, the first-ever forecast study sponsored by LUNA and authored by the Institute for the Future (IFTF), an independent non-profit strategic research group, allowed the brand to go one step further by providing relevant research and information to women to inform their nutrition behaviors.

This forward-looking research examines women's changing mindsets around snacking, the underlying driving forces, and the roadmap for how, when and why women will choose snacking over meals for themselves and their families.

Why Focus on Just the Snack?

We've known it all along. Snacking is what we women do. We believe in the power of positive snacking and that a good snack honors what we crave without a smidgen of what it shouldn't.

This innovative study examines how different generations of women will likely change their snacking behaviors over the next ten years as we serve a broad base of women across different life stages. LUNA's hope is that the study's findings will serve as a catalyst to increase health and nutrition conversations among women so they can support, educate and inspire each other to lead healthier lifestyles.